F&W Lammert BIG UDBA

This special machine: BIG UDBA is designet for CL50 Clips (11SS50/11GF50). The Big UDBA can produce round Wire up to 3,00 mm with a strangth up to 2000N/mm3 and with a Coating thickness uo to: 250-300g/m2 

This Universal Forming Machine is designed for the fully automatic manufacture of mass articles, from wire or strip material, in a great variety of shapes. Normally this machine has one tap and two lateral slides. In addition, a further bottom slide can be fitted. By mounting a special equipment the machine also produces all kinds of industrial staples.

Vertical Design

This allows a clearly visible arrangement of the tools.

Roller Straightener

The roller straightener assures a correct feeding of straight wire.

the straightener has 7 horizontal and 5 vertical rollers.

Gripper Feed

A pincer feed ensures accurate feeding length of the wire.

Clamping Device

This prevents back pull of the wire by the swift on the return of the feeding slide.

Automatic control of all Movements

this ensures that all work on the machine is completed smoothly and with no setbacks.

Control Cams

The control cams can be exchanged without removal of the spindle.

Equipment for the Manufacture of Industrial Staples

The finished staples are pushed on to a runner rail, glued and dried by infra-red radiation heat. The glued lengths are cut or swan. An electro-magnetic device can be set for any cutting length.

Technical Data


max. abt. by wire from 0,1 mm to 1,8 mm 200 pieces / min

max. abt, by wire from 1,9 mm to 2,5 mm 80 pieces / min

Thickness of wire

from 0,1 mm to max 2,5 mm round wire

Width of flat material

(according to section)

max. abt. 10 mm = 0,39"

Pull-in length of wire

max. abt. 130 mm = 5 1/8"

Power required

abt. 1 HP

Space required

135 x 46 cm = 4´6" x 1´6"

Weight net

360 KG = 7 cwts

Weight, gross

440 KG = 8 3/4 cwts

When it comes to hog rings, our machine UDBA can a wide selection of materials to best suit your project’s requirements:

  • Galvanized: our standard finish, good corrosion resistance

  • Alu-zi: improved corrosion resistance

  • Aluminum: excellent corrosion resistance

  • V2A Stainless Steel: longest service life, high tensile strength, corrosion proof

Hog Rings

C-Rings, round shape when closed with inner diameter of 6-10mm, available galvanized, aluminum, alu-zi, V2a stainless steel, and green coated.

Hog Rings

D-Rings, triangular shape when closed with inner diameter of 7-11mm, available galvanized, aluminum, alu-zi, V2a stainless steel, and green coated, with blunt or sharp ends.

Hog Rings

D-Rings, triangular shape when closed with inner diameter of approx. 14mm, available galvanized, aluminum, and alu-zi.

Omega Hog Rings

1.5mm Wire, Omega shaped rings when closed with inner diameter of 14-22mm, available galvanized.

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