The Automatic Staple-Maklng Machines HEKL III are designed for completely auto­matic and economical production of staples for office and industrial applications.

The individually made staples are automatically cemented, dried and then cut to any desired clip length by an infinitely variable cutting system.

The machines accept both round and flat wires.

Round wire can be rolled to flat within limits.
Round wire can be rolled to a maximum of 0.97 x 0.65 mm

or 0.88 x 0.50 mm and to a maximum of 1.27 x 0.50 mm in the HEKL III.

lf greater flat wire dimensions are required, then finlsh-rolled wire must be fed into the machine. The rolls also feed the wire into the machine. Feed length is controlled by an adjustable crank and free wheeling clutches.
All operating motions of the machines are controlled by positive barrel and face cams, so that smooth operation is guaranteed even at high operating speeds.
For maximum tool life and wear resistance, all critical areas either have carbide inserts or are made of high grade chromium steel.
All types of points can be turned out on the machines by simply installing the appropriate cutting tools. With the replacement of complete sets of tools, other types of staples may be produced. This is only necessary, however, when there is a change in crown width.
Special types of staples can be made with the aid of special accessories.
An infinitely variable drive provides for maximum operating speeds for each staple size.
The heating capacity of the drying zone is also infinitely variable.
The machines require a minimum of maintenance and virtually no supervision, so that one person can easily run several machines at the same time.

There millione various staples, these differ essentially only in their

- name,

- the inner width of the back and

- the side length.

There come different shapes of the staple to and special coatings such as resins, etc.

In the production of tools for their clip it does not come to the name of the manufacturer. For us it is just important that you just tell us what mass should have their staples. Whether these bonded, resin-coated or whether it should have a cut.

You are not sure which clip they have? No problem-they send us to their patterns.

Specific sample of staples: Corrugated Staple

Back width: 13 mm
Wire: 0.45 x 0.5 mm
Length: 6.3 mm

Specific sample of staples:TYP 90

Back width: 5,5 mm
Wire: 1.00 x 1.25 mm
Length: 15 - 40  mm

Specific sample of staples: Flat wire with saw cut

Back width: 12,7 mm
Wire: 1,4 mm x 0.5 mm
Length: 8 - 10 mm

Specific sample of staples: TOP SP

Back width: 11 mm
Length: 11 mm - 18 mm

Specific sample of staples: Bend / Sheet Staple 38/14

Back width: 38/14
Diameter: 9 mm
Length: 14 mm

Specific sample of staples: STCR2619-1/4C

Back width: 3/8
Length: 10 mm

 1 Wire feeds

 2 Wire feeds

 4 Wire feeds

5 Wire feeds

Wire diameter

0,1 mm - 2,0 mm

0,1 mm - 2,0 mm

0,1 mm - 1,5 mm

0,1 mm - 1,0 mm

Threading up

158 mm - 63 mm

90 mm - 63 mm

63 mm

63 mm

Output per minute

300 - 620 Staples

600 - 900 Staples

1700 - 1800 Staples

2400 - 2500 Staples


0,75 PS / 1500 n

0,75 PS / 1500 n 

0,75 PS / 1500 n 

0,75 PS / 1500 n

Net weight

340 KG

340 KG

340 KG

340 KG

Gross weight

530 KG

530 KG

530 KG

530 KG

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